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 Tur Dal (traditional)

Tur Dal (traditional)

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In our quest to bring traditional dals back in vogue, we have added a new variant to the quintessential Tur. Our traditional tur dal is a locally grown Tamil Nadu staple. Rich in protein, fibre,  potassium, iron, folic acid, magnesium and B vitamins. But what makes it truly unique is the processing - Bio Basics' traditional Tur is soaked and sprouted as a part of its processing! Then it is dried, stored, split and de-skinned in a local mill, where it is semi-polished. This distinctive processing is traditional to Tamil Nadu and is said to make our legumes easier to digest.
This semi-polished traditional toor dal is richer and deeper in taste, though takes slightly longer to cook than its conventional counterpart. We recommend soaking it a couple of hours to speed up the cooking process. 

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