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About Us


Bio Basics dreams of safe food. Food filled with nutrition, as nature intended, for our health, for our children, not laced with chemicals, not leading to diseases. And thanks to our organic farmers, this dream is coming true. Bio Basics offers all you need to be healthy - organic produce and products for your family, easy access & home delivery, and empowering ideas and information for you to stay healthy on your own.


Advocating an organic way of life. Away from chemicals. Safer. Kinder.

Founded in 2015 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Bio Basics presents over 300 organic whole foods to thousands of consumers across India, sourced directly from thousands of organic farmers. Committed to the health of consumers, livelihoods of farmers and preservation of nature.


The Seed, the Soil, the Source

Our Farmers. Committed to organic farming. Shunning chemicals. Loving their soil, their water, their environment. Understanding Nature. Our starting point.


Being Organic

By going organic, we avoid disease. By empowering organic farmers, we avoid deprivation, debt and death. By not using synthetic chemicals, we avoid destruction of our water, our soil, our air, our agro-bio-diversity, our environment.

Carefully curated. Sincerely sourced. We eat what we sell.

Traditional varieties. Local and seasonal. For your kitchen. For your home. For your person. No chemicals. Minimal processing. Nutrition retained. As Nature intended. We don’t mix food and hi-tech!