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Clear your doubts in one stroke

Listed below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Bio Basics and Organic Food.

1. What is special about Bio Basics Products?

“SAFE FOOD FIRST” is our motto for quality food.

The food we offer is “Slow Food”, not Fast Food. Seasonal (no mangoes in winter!), Local (no apples for us in Tamil Nadu), Organic (no chemicals used for growing, processing, storing and transporting food) and Whole (zero or minimal polishing or processing, retaining all nutrition as Nature intended).

In other words, we offer foods that are safe to consume, i.e. without chemicals, whole and unpolished / semi-polished, and foods without adulteration. And, we at Bio Basics, we ourselves, eat what we offer our consumers.

Further, all fresh produce (fruits, greens and vegetables) we offer comes from within 80 km of Coimbatore and grown as per the current season, so we can ourselves verify the farms where these are grown. Call/Whatsapp @9790516500 to get our veggies list!

Please do not worry, if, at times, some items do not “look good”. Nature does not provide food that looks like products from a factory! Our food need not have the same shape, size or shine. That is how Nature works. If they have spots or parts that are eaten by insects, we should feel happy because it is an indication that the food is free of chemicals and therefore, safe for us also to eat!

2. How do I know the products are organic?

We follow a rigorous three-layer process to ensure what we offer is genuinely organic.

LEVEL 1: We enlist farmers only through genuine reference and after we visit the farm and interview the farmer to our satisfaction.

LEVEL 2: We closely monitor the farm, the farmer and the produce from the farm through our field staff on the ground. We maintain fairly detailed dossiers on each farm, farmer and products we offer. We offer complete traceability – we can tell you at any point which product has come from which farm.

LEVEL 3: Finally, we support certification – third party and PGS certification for farmers.

Please feel free to ask us about our sources, and we will take you to the farm for a surprise visit!

3. Can I get everything I need for my family?

Bio Basics offer a wide range (over 200) of products – all the basic essentials that a family need. Hence our name!

Whatever we offer is organic and natural. We DO NOT offer any non-organic or unhealthy items. We are committed to health – yours, our farmers’ and our environment’s!

In fact, our team buys all our food from Bio Basics! We eat what we sell!

4. Why are the prices higher than those in the regular market?

Firstly, a major portion of what you pay goes to the farmer, and not to any middlemen. That way, the farmer is careful about growing safe, healthy organic food, because we insist on it … and he gets a better price for it.

We also employ staff to monitor quality and traceability (we know which product comes from which farm). We believe that it is better to eat right rather than go through health problems later. Don’t you agree?

Actually, for a family of four, going 100% organic on all basic essentials costs only Rs 7.50 per head per meal. Is that too much to pay for the good health of one’s near and dear?!


But all said and done, it is inappropriate to compare our prices with that in the regular market because the regular (chemicalized) market offers unsafe products… very different from ours. So, actually, it is no comparison at all!

5. How can I get these products at lower prices?

Help us to help you. Please tell your family and your friends about us. Spread the word!

As more consumers buy organic, more farmers will become organic. Automatically, the price of these items will drop!

That is how Organic Economics works!!

6. How can I get these items from Bio Basics?

All consumers can place an online orders for non-perishable range of products of Bio Basics on any day, 24×7.

STEP 1: Please fill up our Registration Form.

STEP 2: Place your online orders for the entire range of non-perishable products of Bio Basics

Consumers in Coimbatore – Just follow these five simple steps:

STEP 1: Please fill up our Registration Form.

STEP 2: Save our Contact Numbers on your telephone, so that you can receive WhatsApp Broadcast Messages from Bio Basics.

STEP 3: Once you are registered, we will send you (twice a week) a Product List by WhatsApp & Email.

STEP 4: Before the end of the following day, you can place your order by phone, SMS, email, Whatsapp or over our website.

STEP 5: We get all fresh produce on Tuesdays and Fridays, and we will home deliver them to you by Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively, along with a bill. You can then pay us Cash on Delivery or you can opt for cashless options such as Cheques, Bank Transfers, or using the BHIM App or through E-wallets like PayTM and Google Pay.

7. What if I am not happy with any product?

If you are not happy about any item we have delivered, you have the option of returning the item immediately on delivery (in unopened condition, in case of sealed non-perishables).

But, please do call us and let us know your feedback.

8. Why do you use plastic for packing?

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid plastic altogether. Some of the grocery items come to us packed in plastic and are safer that way to avoid spillage. But wherever possible, we avoid using plastic. For instance, the bag we use to deliver your order is a reusable cloth bag. Fresh produce is bagged in paper bags. Also, we use plastic that is food-grade and can be re-used by you for keeping items in the fridge.

If you are keen to avoid plastic completely, shoot us a message we will be happy to pack your orders in sustainable cloth bags!