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Red Sorghum

Red Sorghum

Size: 250gms

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Red Sorghum/Irumbu solam (irumbu meaning iron) is rich in iron, protein, fibre and packed with many vitamins and minerals. While whole grains like sorghum isn't ideal to be eaten as 'rice', they are great ad Kichadi, idli, dosa, adai & even burger patties! 

Grown by organic farmer groups in Pudukottai and Harur , processed  in their facility. Unpolished, with its natural rich red colour, this has a robust floury taste. Processed in the farmer group facility & unpolished. Pre-soak overnight. Pressure cook with 1: 4 water 4 whistles on high and  5-6 on low fire. Excellent for idli (2:1:1 red sorghum: idli rice: urad dal)  

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